Authentic Japanese Cuisine Using All-natural Dashi

We take great pride in offering healthy Japanese dishes to soothe your taste buds and body. We use only all-natural dashi, Japanese soup stock, to bring out the natural flavour of the ingredients.

Dashi master Marusaya, directly managed by Japanese katsuobushi wholesaler Marusaya, is dedicated to natural dashi and serves you with Japanese dishes using plenty of natural dashi.

Katsuobushi, dried bonito is the Japanese traditional food to which the oldest extant chronicle “Kojiki” refers. In its long history, katsuobushi has improved its preservative qualities as much as possible by the processes of “drying and smoking” and “adding mold”. Nowadays, katsuobushi is regarded as the most firm food in the world. Katsuobushi was initially developed as a preserved food, but later the dried bonito evolved into the Japanese umami culture in which dashi is prepared from it to make dishes more delicious. Natural dashi made from katsuobushi is flavourful, nutritious and healthy. Unlike chemically-composed seasonings, natural dashi is mild in taste. Therefore, this kind of dashi is essential in cooking Japanese dishes, which take advantage of the natural flavour of the ingredients.

Dashi master Marusaya offers natural dashi-based dishes to spread the distinction of carefully selected katsuobushi, especially Satsuma 2-year-old hongare-honbushi, and the natural dashi made from it, to people around the world.

Join us and savour our delicious, healthy-tasting, authentic Japanese dishes.




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